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Continuum: The Journal of African Diaspora Drama, Theatre and Performance is a service of the Black Theatre Network dedicated to fostering scholarship on the past, present and future of African diaspora performing arts.

Open Access: Continuum: The Journal of African Diaspora Drama, Theatre and Performance offers free access to its contents to its readers.

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CONTINUUM'S mission is closely aligned with that of the Black Theatre Network, whose ongoing drive is to "collect, process and distribute information that supports the professional and personal development of its members and therefore nurtures the growth of Black Theatre." CONTINUUM expands that mission to include the dissemination of knowledge on the theory, practice and praxis of African diaspora drama, theatre and performance to all, expanding the reach of information past the parameters of organizational membership. CONTINUUM seeks to develop its potential as a scholarly journal in the twenty-first century; its cyber pages will encompass exploration of the past, present and future of all that falls under the umbrella of Black theatre. It is the only scholarly journal solely dedicated to that end.

Editorial Staff and Board

General and Managing Editor: Freda Scott Giles, University of Georgia
Project Development Consultant, Website Design-Administration: Hely M. Perez, P and P Projects, LLC

Executive Editorial Board

Paul Jackson, Miami University, Ohio
Sandra Shannon, Howard University
Beth Turner, Florida A&M University
Sandra Adell, University of Wisconsin

Consultants to the Executive Board

Harry Elam, Stanford University

Review Editors

Book Review Editor:  Sharell Luckett
Production Review Editor: Denise Hart