Processing Charges 

Continuum does not have any article submission processing charges 

Style Sheet for Contributors

  1. Author's Bio: 100-150 words, including name, affiliation, select publications, and current research interests.
  2. Abstract: paragraph (ca. 150-200 words) summarizing the essay's argument.


  1. Style: Continuum uses The Chicago Manual of Style, 14th or 15th edition, with a preference for parenthetical citations.  We can accept manuscripts in Word, Word Perfect or RTF formats. We prefer that you submit your articles using our online submission forms.  Please contact us if you need to submit through other means.  

    Articles generally run from 6250 to 6500 words. We send articles out for review to members of our editorial board.  Each essay will be sent to no more than two readers; if these readers disagree, the executive editors make the final decision.  Authors who receive a report to “Revise and Resubmit” are strongly encouraged to do so with the guidance of the editors..
  2. Citations: We prefer, where possible, parenthetical citations using the author-date-page number system. Please reserve endnotes for substantive explanatory comments. We prefer endnotes to be in a separate document, but can work with endnotes created through a word processor's endnote function.  For information on formatting footnotes, endnotes and bibliography please check here

  3. Quotations: For poetry of three or more lines and prose quotations of four or more lines, use indented block quotations. Shorter quotations may be included in the body of the essay as inline quotations.

  4. Languages: While some foreign words or phrases may be utilized in the text (and may be italicized), the article otherwise should be entirely in English. If your text includes quotations in a language other than English, use authoritative translations (or your own), followed by English translation in parentheses. Identify the translators in the footnotes. The titles of books and articles in languages other than English should be followed immediately by their English translations in parentheses. Adhere strictly to the conventions of any foreign language you use; we depend on you for accuracy. Please use American rather than British spelling except in quotations.


Font: Use Times Roman 12 (non-proportional) font.

Margins: Set at 1-inch right, left, top, and bottom. Do not justify right margin. Do not set widow/orphan protection.

Line Spacing: Double space (2 line spaces) entire manuscript, including notes and block quotes.

Page Numbers: Number pages in upper right corner, beginning with page 2 (suppress page 1 number). Otherwise, use no running head.

Paragraphs: Use Tab key to indent paragraphs. Use automatic (soft) return within each paragraph (use hard return only for paragraph end). Use 1 hard return at the end of each paragraph. Use 2 hard returns only between sections (if any).

Character Spacing: Use 1 space after periods, colons, commas and semicolons. To create a dash, type 2 hyphens with one space before the preceding word and one space after the following word. To type an ellipsis, type a space between each of the 3 periods and between the preceding and following words. In the case of an ellipsis following a period, do not put a space between the period and the preceding word. Do not worry about an ellipsis breaking at the end of a line.

Hyphenation: Do not use automatic hyphenation. Do not hyphenate end-of-line words unless they are normally hyphenated.

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