Honky, by Greg Kallares, Presented at Black Box Theatre. Nadine Maguire Theatre Pavilion. University of Florida. Directed by Mikell Pinkney. March 2016
Blues for an Alabama Sky by Pearl Cleage. Performed at Charles Winter Wood Theatre, Florida A&M University, Oct. 21 - 25, 2015. Photograph by Evelyn Tyler.
Seven Guitars by August Wilson. Presented at Actors Theatre of Louisville, Louisville KY. September 2015
The Mountaintop by Katori Hall. Performed at The University of Arkansas Department of Theatre and The African and African American Studies Program Studio 404, January 30-February 1, 2015. Photograph by Emily Clarkson.
Gem of the Ocean by August Wilson. Performed at Florida A&M University, Oct 2014. Photograph by Kalisha London
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20120517-richardiii-0229 1-220120517-richardiii-1277-2The African Company Presents Richard III, by Carlyle Brown
Dartmouth College
May 2012


Sarah, Samantha Azinge
Ann Johnson, Bree-Ana Craine
William (Billy) Brown, Joshua Echebiri
Papa Shakespeare, Chris Holland
First Constable, Ben Page
Second Constable, Rick Sawyer
Stephen Price, Stewart Towle
James (Jimmy) Hewlett, Ryan Williams-French

Creative Team

Director, Baron Kelly
Assistant Director, Vero Lecocq
Set Designer, Gabriel Rodriguez
Costume Designer, Emily Adams
Lighting Designer, Colin Bills
Music Consultant, Hafiz Shabazz
Stage Manager, Vero Lecocq

Production Staff

Director of Theater, Jamie Horton
Production Coordinator, Laurie Churba Kohn
Technical Director/Sound Advisor & Engineer, Scott Silver
Assistant Technical Director/Master Carpenter, Jason Merwin
Master Electrician/Carpenter, Joel Giguere
Costume Shop Manager, Carla C. Richters
Master Dyer/Seamstress, Joan Morris
Cutter/Draper, Sycha Spengemann
Assistant Stage Managers, Vicotria Fox, Jake Nevola
Wardrobe Supervisors, Kemi Mugo, Ginna Roach
Costume and Makeup Crew, Tomo Berry, Ben Blier, Charlyn Brea